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Workshop 'Apparel Mock Test Preparation of Garment Industry for Fashion & Textile Designers' Dec 12, 2019

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Aim of This Workshop was to train the students for the trial/apparel mock test in a Garment Industry e.g "Nishat Linen Lahore" under the supervision of highly specialized Textile Design Expert (Assistant Manager of Textile Design Department) at Nishat Linen Lahore.

This 1 Day Training is organized by School of Textile Design Department in Collaboration with Textile Design Department of Nishat Linen Lahore.

Facilitator of this workshop is Aruna Tabussum (Textile Designer) Assistant Manager of Textile Design Deaprtment at Nishat Linen Lahore.

Aruna Tabussum has 8 years of work experience at Design Studio of Nishat Linen Lahore. Graduated from National Textile University Faislabad in Textile & Apparel Design. After graduation, she worked in So Kamal Faisalabad for three years. Currently she is working in Design Studio of Nishat Linen Lahore as an efficient Textile Designer at Design Studio of Nishat Linen Lahore and completed five years till now.

  • To utilize time to develop a good product of Textile Design and Fashion Design during time period of giving trial at an industy.
  • To face challenges of designing and creating Textile Design & Garments according to Industrial demands.
  • To Acquire a thorough understanding of the trials at a Garment Industry from interview to final selection as a Designer.
  • To know the details of all the phases from Designing to Practical Execution of a product in trial of an industy.

Venue: STD Room 208, STD Room 207


  • Adil Masood Qazi (Chairman of Department)
  • Rabbia Hassan (Assistant Professor Fashion Design)
  • Anika Sitara (Assistant Professor Fashion Design)
  • Syeda Sidra Batool (Assistant Professor Textile Design)

Participants: Students & Faculty of Fashion & Textile Design (Students of Thesis & 3rd Year) (Faculty Names: Rabbia Hassan Assistant Professor Fashion Design, Anika Sitara Assistant Professor Fashion Design, Syeda Sidra Batool Assistant Professor Textile Design)




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