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Achievement of Faculty of School of Textile & Design (Success Story Romania)

Thursday, October 24, 2019

The School of Textile and Design is pleased to proclaim faculty participation in the International Conference TexTeh IX Advanced Textiles for a better world held on October 24-25 2019 in Bucharest, Romania. TexTeh IX is a traditional conference organized by the National Research and Development Institute for Textiles and Leather in the beautiful city Bucharest, Romania. The Conference was an important scientific event for the research and industrial textile community. The main objective was to bring together researchers, experts from the industry through various participant countries, to share their knowledge and exchange scientific ideas. Conference purpose was to inspire joint projects, to attract concerned companies in cooperation with research institutes and universities.

This prestigious event was organized with valuable support of the Ministry of Research and Innovation, Romania. Conference Committee included distinguished experts from many countries and specialists from universities, institutes/centers and companies that carry out research in the areas of Textile, clothing and clusters field attended the conference.

The research papers from vast areas of textile technologies and management were presented that include:

  • New Functional and Smart Textiles
  • Textile Design, Fashion and Style
  • Eco-efficient technologies for processing of advanced materials
  • Nanomaterials and Electrospinning
  • Woven and Non-woven Textiles
  • Composite Materials
  • Finishing Processes, Color Science and Dyeing
  • Surface Treatment of Fibers and Fabrics
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Techniques of Process Control and Optimization
  • Benchmarking, Traceability, Textiles Testing and Evaluation
  • Laboratory apparatus and equipment for Textile Industry
  • LCA Quality Management Methodologies
  • Textile Education and Management

The STD faculty presented four research papers of exceptional scientific significance and received due appreciation from the participants. The papers are to be published in the ISI rated journal Industria Textila managed by Dr. Carmen Ghituleasa, PhD, General Manager INCDTP, Bucharest, Romania. Moreover, joint research projects were discussed between STD faculty and Professor Dr. Mirela Blaga, president at AUTEX and expert EU Commission. The principal goal of AUTEX RESEARCH JOURNAL (ARJ) is to enhance the scientific knowledge base for the development and viability of European and World Textile - Retail industry.

Substantively, the conference was exceptional in its diversity and expertise of speakers. The sessions were engaging and insightful. In addition, the logistics were smooth and the organizers comprised a wonderful team of people- all friendly and helpful. TEXTEH IX 2019 was very interesting and stimulating for our STD delegate faculty members, in terms of its content, the participants and beautiful surroundings of Romania.

We heartily express our gratitude to UMT for providing STD with a platform and an opportunity to represent the country on an international level.

We are grateful for the wonderful hospitality and offer heartfelt congratulations to the organizing committee of TEXTEH 2019.





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