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'PhD Textile Dissertation Defense' by Doctor Mr. Muhammad Qamar Tusief, Dec 6, 2019

Friday, December 06, 2019

The School of Textile and Design, UMT has awarded PhD degree to Mohammad Qamar Tauseif in the subject of Textiles after approval of the thesis entitled ‘Plant assisted Microbial Remediation of Textile Effluents by Floating Treatment Wetlands’ under supervision of Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Hassan Malik.  Dr. Qamar Tauseif is currently working as lecturer at Department of Fiber and Textile, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad. He has published research papers in ISI journals. It is pertinent to mention here that School of Textile and Design, Department of Textile Engineering has produced the first PhD since the program has established in 2013. According to Dr. Qamar Tauseif the current research has covered a very significant issue of waste water produced in textile manufacturing processes that causes severe impacts on the environment. The research offers a less expensive, efficient, ecofriendly, green and sustainable approach for the remediation of textile effluent. 

This event of first PhD graduation is celebrated as a major milestone for the institution that has overcome a number of problems since its establishment in 2013. The key objective of the doctoral degree program is to impart rigorous training for innovative research, publication in professional forums, and teaching at the college level. The program is designed for full-time students who ideally will complete the cycle of course work, qualifying examinations, and doctoral dissertation within the specified time period.  Presently 4 PhD scholars have been enrolled in STD doctoral degree program since 2015, graduating alongside the third batch of 17 MS students, comprising 21 learners enrolled in higher education level.

“The event marks the first graduation ceremony, sending a clear message about the veracity of STD as an effective host for the successful implementation of the PhD Program. Our PhD scholars are demonstrating their scholarly research and innovation prowess, winning awards and publishing research papers in high impact factors journals successfully,” Dean Prof .Dr. Mumtaz Hasan Malik, School of Textile and Design, UMT.





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